Standard Finance is based in Uppsala, Sweden, and is a privately held investment company within financial technology. We combine state-of-the-art tools with financial expertise to develop customized payment programs.

Standard Finance offering a one-stop-shop for the entire digital payment solution with the unique combination of technology, issuing and market expertise. Founded in 2017, we have an international team with unparalleled payments and technology experience. We are headquartered in Stockholm Sweden with partners in France, UK and Gibraltar. Standard Finance offers a complete suite of global cutting-edge digital payments solutions, based on its world-class, bank-grade, highly-configurable payments platform, the State of Cards™. It is tailored to customers’ local preferences and location-based rules. It can build, operate and manage both off-the-shelf and through highly personalized solutions. Standard Finance is focused on delighting its customers by offering “best fit” inventive solutions to make payments simple, fast and secure. We deliver information, education and help corporations and governments to set up flexible and strong financial support alternatives. Our Capital Club™ offers a personalized financial experience for those who seek to dig deeper into the financial world. Here both private and corporate individuals meet and share information, experience, and techniques.