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Capital Club Connect with entrepreneurs, executives, business brokers, investment bankers and private equity groups with our online community for dealmakers and expand your business network.

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Interested in joining us? Here you can find more information regarding external positions in our organization. Being in business means offering customers the best products and services. Being in business also means generating profits. These profits are used, in part, to reinvest in the business and to grow and improve those products or services

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This is an exclusive business Capital Club, meeting and events for members and their guest to meet and work for business purposes, At the Capital Club our mission is make our members and their business more successful. As such, these rules are designed to ensure that each member and their guests.

Business Network

  • The Capital Club is a trading name of Standard Finance AB, Company number 559170-8630
  • Members agree to be bound by the Capital Club Rules and the terms and conditions
  • Members must ensure that their guests also adhere to the Rules and Terms and Conditions and each member is responsible for the actions of any guest brought into to Capital Club
  • Members must pay their membership fees and any additional charges, fees or costs as they fall due or access to the Capital Club may be prevented and their membership suspended.
  • Membership fees and any other fees are payable in advance and may be subject to change. All fees are quoted inclusive of VAT
  • Membership of the Capital Club is an annual membership and membership fees must be paid annually.
  • Should a member give notice to cancel their membership no refund Note: Refunds may not be available for any additional services provided via third parties or supplier such as catering or additional AV requirements which have been booked and confirmed in advance.
  • Members must not use the Capital Club for more days than their membership type allows.
  • Members are required to follow a smart casual dress code.
  • Members must report lost or stolen business cards immediately and a replacement card will be issued the fee of which is 300 SEK
  • Capital Club Membership is not transferable

Key Benefits

Networking happens naturally at our informal monthly meetings. You will have the chance to build strong relationships with other members, key decision makers and the constant stream of visitors. If there’s a business in the Capital Club area that you want to do business with, there’s every chance one of our members knows them and could help to introduce you. At our meetings you will have the chance to get to know, and gain the trust of, businesses that complement the services and products you already offer. These strategic alliances will allow you to pitch for business opportunities for which you could not compete alone. Many businesses promote each other to their respective customer databases after meeting through Capital Club. Capital Club provides support and connections to help you grow your business. Monthly meetings provide the opportunity to network with some most experienced business people, and tap into their knowledge and experience.

  • Opportunity to meet other like-minded business people and build relationships
  • Develop and grow your contact base
  • Receive support and help from people that you get to know to know and trust
  • 1 to 4 evening meetings each quarter plus 1 to 2 social events each year
  • Meet key decision makers from a wide range of businesses
  • Opportunity to receive qualified referrals/leads from fellow members
  • There’s no lock-out – which encourages interactions and affiliation between professions/trades

Members Fees

  • Member Yearly Fees: EUR 46 (500 kr)
  • Member PRO: Yearly Fees: EUR 190 (1.900 kr)
  • Agent Yearly Fees:  (Not available)
  • Agent one time fee:  (Not available) 


  • Trial Member

    This is is our Trial Membership. It is a free membership without sales permissions. With this level you can view our other membership levels

  • Member

    The Member level is our basic membership level, our entry level for sales. If you want to be able to sell our basic products wich are for private interests and get a commission rate of 20% this is the level for you.

  • Member PRO

    The Member PRO level of sales membership offers great flexibility. With this level you can manage sales for both private and corporate interests aswell as receiveing a commission rate of 25% on all sales.

Authorized Agent

As a Authorized Agent, you’ll work independently and grow your own business with the support of our Standard Finance brands. You already have the most important part of the equation: your business and your network. Being an authorized Standard Finance agent will attract more people to your business. You can use Standard Finance as a secondary activity but soon discover the full potential and profitability of the finance industry. You already have the most important part – your business and your clients. Offering an additional product can grow your business without any upfront investment.

Business Model

We have access to more than 4 premium lenders and bespoke finance products so we’re able to find a finance deal that’s right for your customer. As a Standard Finance / Capital Club Agent, you’ll promote yourself within the local market as a Standard Finance local representative. You will be paid for the loans and products you settle and there is no cap to your earning potential. You are encouraged to develop a small to medium sized business engaging finance consultants and supporting employees. What are the invest and operational costs? Standard Finance start-up costs are moderate in comparison to many other business models, with total minimum start-up costs from SEK (28.000) EUR (2.800) You’ll share the income generated from the deals you settle.


We have a centralized marketing team that operates out of the office in Stockholm. Their role is to build the Standard Finance brand and grow lead acquisition across the whole business. We will assist our Agents in your marketing endeavors and may supplement marketing activities with web-based leads.

  • A simple way to generate increased revenue for your business
  • Advertising and promotional support to attract customers and grow a finance business
  • A turn-key operation with no hidden surprises
  • On-the-spot support when you need it
  • An experienced multilingual customer service support staff
  • The backing of a progressive, financially solid company that invests in technology, staffing, and advertising

Agent Commissions

  • Commissions on all Capital Club members you enroll (30%) Ex If you enroll one Agent your commission are 30% of € 840 = SEK 8.400
  • Open State of Cards MasterCard to Private Persons (€5)
  • Open Capital Club MasterCard (€X)


Open business pack to companies

  • Freelancers  30%  €27 + €5 per card
  • Small Package  30% €75 + €5 per card
  • Large Package 30% €240 + €5 per card
  • Co-Branding 30%



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